Wool Pillow

Luxury British Wool and organic cotton pillow

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The Floks Wool Pillow is hypoallergenic and temperature-regulating, providing the perfect support to lay back and drift off. Made from the finest (and softest) British wool with organic cotton, it’s 100% sustainable too.

  • Natural, sustainable and thermo-regulating
  • All-year round comfort
  • British wool 100% traceable from grassland to dreamland
  • Luxurious, soft and sustainable organic cotton
  • Designed, manufactured and finished in the UK
  • Ideal for those with asthma and allergies

The large pillow is 50 x 90cm ideal for super king beds as it is longer in size. The square pillow is the perfect scatter cushion size at 60 x 60cm.

Floks wool pillows allow moisture and air to flow through them, making them perfect for people with conditions such as asthma and eczema.

Available in medium and soft fill, and handmade in the UK, we think they are the best natural pillow in the world… pure pillow perfection.

Regular - 50 x 75cm
Large - 50 x 90cm

You can find the dimensions of our entire product range here.

Our wool is sourced from British sheep from British farms. It’s 100% renewable, growing back year after year. We use ethically-sourced, organic cotton that’s soft and sustainable. It costs a little more, but that’s the price of sleep perfection.

We are also proud that our farmers are paid a fair price for their superior wool.

From grassland to dreamland, it’s sustainable sleep.

Like all pillows, wool pillows need regular plumping to keep their shape but that’s it.

On a sunny day, hang them outside and the sun will get to work restoring wool’s natural antimicrobial properties.

If you need to, you can dry clean your wool pillow. Never put it in a washing machine.










Low-Carbon Footprint


Superior Comfort

Join the wool bedding revolution.

A natural wool alternative

Wool pillows are a natural and environmentally-friendly alternative to synthetic pillows. Kinder to the planet and your pocket, when a third of your life is slept in bed, treat yourself to the best.

Eco-friendly wool pillows

Designed, manufactured and finished in the UK, Floks wool eco pillows are the ultimate in sustainable sleep.

The sheep wool we use is scoured but free of any nasty chemicals and is 100% biodegradable. As it breaks down, it releases essential nutrients back into the soil. Natural wool = no waste.

Better for you

Wool pillows are naturally antimicrobial, making them ideal for those with asthma and allergies. The fundamental properties of wool make it cool, comfortable and clean.


Floks wool filled pillows are little bundles of joy. An irresistible natural spun organic cotton pillowcase is filled with 100% British wool that’s traceable from the barn to your bed.

We’ve been using wool bedding for thousands of years, because it’s warm, comforting, soft and sustainable. If you’ve never tried wool before, what are you waiting for?

Wool is naturally thermoregulating, which means all-year-round comfort. That means no flipping and flopping to find the cold side!

Wool pillows will provide superior support. Just give them a shake to help restore their shape every now and again.

No waste, no compromise, just a pillow that’s warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

If cared for properly, wool pillows will provide years of long-lasting luxury sleep support. You should regularly plump your wool pillow to ensure it keeps its shape. On a sunny day, take your pillow out of it's case and hang it outside. The sun will help to restore wool’s natural antimicrobial properties, restoring it to pillow perfection.

Never wash your wool pillow in a washing machine. If you do need to clean it, take it to a professional dry cleaner.

Wool pillows are an ideal alternative to down and synthetic pillows. They’re comfortable and thermoregulating, which means 365-day comfort. What’s more, they’re better for the environment too, with all Floks wool coming from UK herds.

A wool pillow and duvet is an investment that will provide a lifetime of superior sleep.

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