Every great product has a story and then some have really great stories, we think you'll like ours…

What gives you the Floks feeling

Diving into our luxurious and sustainable bedding gives you all the feels. Not only is it kind to you, but it's kind to the planet too and we call this the Floks feeling.


Wool is a natural insulator. When it is cold it traps warm air in the crimp of its fibre to keep you nice and snug. When the temperature increases it cleverly releases air and absorbs moisture and perspiration into the fibre, which leaves a layer of dry air next to the skin. A truly miracle fibre!


All Floks wool bedding is anti-bacterial. It allows air and moisture to flow through it which means mould and mildews can not grow. The fibres have a microscopic layer of lanolin which is resistant to bacteria, helping those suffering with allergies and conditions such as asthma and eczema.


Despite being a miracle fibre, wool grows back every year! The shearing process is part of the natural, annual cycle for all sheep and is completely painless.


Sheep wool is soft to the touch but the fibres are strong and durable. When buried or thrown to waste, enzymes in the soil break down wool in a matter of months and release essential nutrients back into the ground.

Low-Carbon Footprint

All our wool comes from specialised herds on British farms. From there, the grading, scouring and manufacture is all completed within a 20 mile radius which keeps our carbon emissions as low as possible.

Supreme Comfort

Supreme Comfort

Above all we only exist to give our customers a better night’s sleep and we believe that the superior comfort of our super soft cheviot wool (and all it's natural, wonder properties) along with our luxury, organic cotton will do just that. We think our wool bedding is the best in the world and we hope you agree!

Sophie Platts

Our story

Hi I’m Sophie and I am the founder of Floks. Here at Floks we’re dedicated to giving you the best night’s sleep possible whilst also doing our bit for the planet, for British farming and manufacturing in the UK. Here is our story and why we feel so passionately about what we do.

I have spent the last 20 years designing and more recently selling brilliant, user centric products. I always dreamt of having my own product led business, yet I never felt strongly enough about my idea… this was until now. It was 2020 in the depths of lockdown when I had a lightbulb moment and here is why.

I have always been a terrible sleeper, so I have spent years using and researching products to help me rest and recover well.

It was on one of my usual research missions when I started looking at wool bedding. I know that myself along with the vast majority of people wake due to overheating and I found to my surprise that wool bedding helps overcome this by being thermoregulating, along with so many other amazing advantages, which you can read more about here.

As I explored the market and the processes involved, I started to get very excited as I realised that we could design and make a fully sustainable, compostable, UK grown and made product. It also balanced my career experience, personal motivation and family background perfectly. I grew up with one Grandfather in the Huddersfield textile trade and another who was a Yorkshire farmer so in one single product I could support two highly important British industries, do my bit towards a more sustainable society and give people a better night's sleep….

We have spent the last 12 months rigorously product testing and working with the finest wool bedding makers in the country to bring you our range of luxury wool products. We hope you love them as much as we loved making them for you.