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Sleep Talk

Oct 05, 2021
Sleep talk

As a nation we are obsessed with two topics - talking about the weather and how we sleep. Sleep chat can become tiresome, but never has it been as important or as topical, especially after the past 18 months. Sleep can be as unpredictable as the British climate - too much sleep is not good and too little is even worse - upsetting our body, mind and soul.

It’s all about balance and having been a restless and poor sleeper for most of my life, I have been searching for that magical something to lull me to sleep. From changing beds and mattresses to changing bedrooms and practising feng shui, not to mention alternative therapies like meditation and yoga. I have bathed in essential oils, spent a fortune on infusers, room sprays, supplements and vitamins, as well as indulged in the obvious hot drinks like camomile tea, Horlicks and even the odd hot toddy.

What I had overlooked was our actual bedding.

I have always had a passion for crispy cotton sheets and smooth pillowcases. As a child I called them sucky pillows. But while splashing out on luxury duvet covers and bedding, I had overlooked the duvet itself.

I started married life with such good intent, investing a month’s housekeeping in a Hungarian goose down pocket stitched luxury duvet after holidaying in Austria where I had the dreamiest night’s sleep ever. Sadly it didn’t do the trick back at home, just made us hot and bothered. Maybe the mountain air, big walks and breath-taking views were more the reason we slept like babies in the Alps.

Since then we have tried various fillings both manmade and down. Unfortunately, l developed asthma in my forties so reverted to a polyester filling.

My sister-in-law suggested I tried a wool duvet. She had recently bought one and couldn’t believe how it had helped control her body temperature which is what was keeping her awake at night.

Since purchasing a duvet filled with sheep’s fleece, I have rediscovered bedtime.

By Gill Haynes