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New to wool bedding? Read our top tips on the woolly stuff

Nov 07, 2022
New to wool bedding? Read our top tips on the woolly stuff

I am new to wool bedding, where do I start?

This is probably the question we get asked the most. This makes us very happy as it means that we must be doing something right in spreading the word on why wool makes the best bedding filler.

We often recommend starting with our Winter duvet and here’s why.

Wool duvets can take some adjusting to, but once you’ve given it a few nights you will never look back.

The main differences you’ll notice straight away are that they’re thinner, not light and fluffy, but they have far more substance about them… A magic woolly weightiness and handle.

The Winter duvet is the thickest of the Floks family, so for those new to wool bedding, it’s ideal, as it will still feel fairly thick and cosy. As wool has incredible natural temperature regulating properties, you shouldn’t overheat. We have had very happy, well rested customers who’ve told us they’ve used their Winter duvet all year round.

Perhaps if you live in warmer climes, our All Season duvet may be the one for you, but give yourself time to adjust to the difference in how it feels.

Before you know it you will be fully on board with the wool bedding revolution, emailing us to tell us you wish you could have taken your wool bedding on holiday!

As well as temperature regulating, wool is also naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic, moisture wicking, sustainable and biodegradable. It’s a true miracle fibre and will help you to sleep your best sleep, naturally.

Don’t forget, we offer free UK delivery, free UK returns and a 30 night no quibble sleep trial.

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