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Introducing: The Winter Plus Duvet

Nov 01, 2023
Introducing: The Winter Plus Duvet

Introducing: The Winter Plus Duvet

If you particularly feel the cold in the winter months, then let us introduce you to the ultimate winter duvet, the latest addition to the Floks family – the Winter Plus Duvet. This perfectly lofty, luxurious duvet is around 15 tog and has been designed for those that enjoy the extra weight and cosiness of a heavy duvet.
Whether you have a single bed or an emperor, the new Winter Plus Duvet will have you sleeping soundly.

Why wool?
We use only the best, traceable Cheviot wool (from British Farms) and the finest organic cotton to make our bedding. The Floks wool duvet will not only help you have a better night’s sleep by helping to regulate your body temperature but is also natural and hypoallergenic making it suitable for everyone. A wool duvet has astounding temperature regulating properties making them naturally warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer- the kind of sleep that dreams are made of.

Floks wool duvets are made from sustainable and organically farmed sheep wool. It is important to us that we get to know our farmers and their flocks, making the wool we use 100% traceable. We also help to ensure that the farmers are being paid a fair price for their superior quality wool. As natural wool is biodegradable, it breaks down quickly without damaging the environment, making it the sustainable choice for a superior night’s sleep.