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Give the gift of Sustainable Sleep this Christmas

Nov 17, 2022
Give the gift of Sustainable Sleep this Christmas: #Beddownwell with Floks

Give the gift of Sustainable Sleep this Christmas: #Beddownwell with Floks

As Christmas looms, more than ever, people are thinking mindfully about what they might gift to friends and family this season. A brand that prides itself on being both luxurious and environmentally appealing, Floks sustainable and organic luxury wool bedding is a revolution to be part of. Here’s 5 reasons why Floks bedding makes the perfect , sustainable gift this Christmas:

1. What better gift than the gift of sleep? Sleep is the cornerstone of our physical and mental wellbeing and giving someone this increased quality of life is a gift to truly cherish. With UK manufactured wool mattress toppers, pillows and duvets - including a washable kids range - there’s luxury for all. Who wouldn’t love to sleep better, for longer?

2. This is the gift that keeps on giving. Floks wool bedding is no ordinary contender, offering a supreme, quality feeling like no other.There’s nothing quite like it - look no further than their 100% 5 star reviews. Diving into this wool bedding is guaranteed to not only give you that luxurious, superior sleep, night after night, but it’s kind to the planet, too.

3. It’s truly sustainable. Not only is wool a natural, thermoregulating and hypoallergenic material ( reason enough to gift a loved one the Floks feeling), but at its core, Floks believe that this miracle fibre is the future. In a world that is moving towards conscious purchasing, organic wool meets the need for renewable and sustainable living. It grows back every year, and is soft, strong and naturally sustainable. All hail the humble sheep!

4. Recycled and reusable packaging. Floks are becoming known for their dedication to eco friendly packaging solutions that people love. Their organic, reusable storage bags come with every purchase and are strong, sturdy and stylish to boot. All of their wrapping is also from recycled materials. So, this Christmas, shun the plastic ribbon and planet punishing gift wraps and let Floks do it for you.

5. Floks supports UK farmers and manufacturers. With a local supply chain within a 20 mile radius, this is no ‘run of the mill’ business. All sourcing , manufacturing and distribution is in rural Yorkshire, keeping carbon emissions low and cementing Floks’ place at the heart and soul of British manufacturing. All of the superior cheviot wool can be traced back to a select group of farmers, whilst making sure they are paid a fair price for this noble fleece.

What’s not to love? With the gift of sleep you will offer an experience that keeps on giving. A sustainable and luxury gift that will be cherished for years to come.