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Five Reasons to Choose Wool

Oct 05, 2021
Five reasons to choose wool

Here at Floks we love wool. Science has done some amazing things over the past 2000 years but it is yet to create a better fibre that does everything that wool can do.

Wool is also the perfect filler for our luxurious duvets and the reason why we wanted to start Floks.

It keeps you cool when you’re hot and hot when you are cool. Perfect for the crazy British weather.

It allows air to pass through which means there is less moisture and therefore nasty moulds and bugs can’t live there. Perfect for people with asthma or eczema.

Wool decomposes much faster than down or synthetic fillers and will release nutrients back into the ground when it does. It also grows back naturally every year… talk about the perfect fibre and our sheep love being sheared in the summertime, as without shearing they would find the summer months uncomfortable.

Our wool comes from local British farms and we make everything in the UK, so as well as being much kinder to the environment, our carbon footprint is also much lower than other brands. We are also supporting British farming and manufacturing, two very important industries for our economy.

We use cheviot wool which is famed for its soft and luxurious hand feel. We think these are the best duvets in the world and we hope you agree.