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Floks: Chapter one

Feb 24, 2023
Floks: Chapter one

Floks: Chapter one

As a nod to world book day next week (any suggestions on costumes welcome), I thought I’d share the first chapter of our story with our new subscribers and followers. Floks was born out of a genuine need to find better sleep and I hope you can take comfort from this short read if you’re on a similar journey.

During lockdown my sleep (like many) was at an all-time low. It was a year after having my second child and due to the sleep deprivation I felt exhausted and was mentally struggling. My unsettled hormones meant I woke frequently, and I found myself habitually picking my wool blanket up off the floor and popping it back on the end of my bed if it had fallen off… I found the additional weight of the blanket very comforting and believed it was helping me to sleep better.

Aware of weighted blankets, I started to wonder if I could create a sustainable weighted blanket in 100% wool – something I hope to come back to one day. I then started to question what I was (trying to) sleep under and what I was breathing in for 8 hours every single day… This felt like a far greater problem to solve and one I felt wholly passionate about.

I took the next 6 months to test an array of wool bedding and to my delight it helped my sleep, and my Fitbit score confirmed it. I was waking less and getting deeper periods of restorative sleep. The basic science is that wool is temperature regulating, so it helps to create the perfect microclimate for your bed and as a result, you wake less.

Clearly wool bedding existed, but I set myself the challenge of creating a range that didn’t compromise on comfort or was harmful to the planet… At Floks we use the finest, traceable British Wool with certified, unbleached organic cotton casing. We also design and manufacture everything in the UK, meaning bails of wool aren’t travelling overseas to be made into bedding, a concept I couldn’t get my head around when we have an abundance of wool and the manufacturing skill set here. The result is a range of luxury British wool bedding… One we believe will help you to sleep your best sleep in a fully sustainable way.

Thank you to our fans and followers for helping to turn our belief into a dream reality.