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Cosy up for the clock change

Oct 28, 2022
Cosy up for the clock change sleep routines
We have been on British Summer Time since March and now it’s time to roll the clocks back, so on Sunday 30th October we go back to Greenwich Mean Time.

We all manage the time change differently and if you’re like us, you probably feel quite ready for it (kids mainly resisting bedtime!)… I personally start to adjust the whole family a week before by shifting our daily routine slightly every day. Being a massive sleep advocate and recognising how much we all need it to live a calm and happy life, I get the dread when our children sleep for an hour less than they should. The impact is immediately noticeable, but the long-term effects on us all are far more troublesome.

One pre-sleep routine doesn’t suit all, but we think marking the shift from day to night is key. I’m too desperate to get into bed to take a bath at 9pm, but without fail I will shower and this helps me to feel cleansed and reset before diving under the duvet.

Avoiding caffeine and sugary food and drinks such as alcohol and chocolate make a big difference to me… this isn’t always possible, but I try whenever it is to resist the urge.

If you do wake in the night, avoid checking the time and picking your phone up. Instead, take slow, deep breaths until your thoughts turn sleepy again.

We hope you enjoy the extra hour in bed and, as always….sleep your best sleep.

Wishing you a cosy clock change.
Sophie x